Friday, January 8, 2010

Carciofi Cairn Earrings

Completely serendipitously, I became a fan of the Mendocino Botanical Gardens on facebook, another fan saw my name and - because we share a surname though aren't related - clicked through to my website (, and ordered two pairs of Cariciofi Cairns. One pair was this set: thickly veined labradorite rounds are handwired with green recycled glass onto sterling silver and hang from sterling silver French wires.

Gotta love the internet!

CAIRN, noun, 15th century. Pronunciation: \╦łkern\Etymology: Middle English (Scots) carne; Scottish Gaelic carn; akin to Old Irish & Welsh carn.

Definition: a heap of stones piled or stacked up as a memorial, acknowledgement, or as a landmark.

"I CARCIOFI" is Italian for Artichokes.

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