Sunday, January 17, 2010

Orange-You-Glad-We're Friends Dinner

We had a lovely, lovely dinner with the Novaks last much so that I hardly took any photos!

Ever fond of cheesy word-play, I did an "ORANGE-You-Glad-We're-Friends" Dinner for a belated birthday celebration for Ulla. And even though the menu was chock-full of citrus, artichokes made an appearance in the salad!

On the menu:
Chopped Salad (endives, watercress, fresh mint, kalamata olives, caperberries, artichoke hearts, shredded carrots) in an ORANGE-champagne vinaigrette

Forbidden Rice Pilaf steamed with CLEMENTINE juice

Citrus-Stuffed Roasted Chicken with a Blood ORANGE-Shallot Glaze

Torta di Cioccolata with Candied MINNEOLA

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